Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bought: CL, CLX, GIS, MDT, UL

Things have been crazy hectic recently as we just welcomed a new child into the family.  With the first child, everything's all new so the challenge is learning everything for the first time.  With the second child, the challenge is learning how to juggle two children simultaneously while being sleep deprived.  It's definitely been a blessing having another child; I'm just extremely tired and running on a few hours of sleep every day.

In any case, I've made some recent purchases for the month of November which I'll quickly summarize below:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Monthly Report: October 2016

Donald Trump's victory at the polls on 11/9 was quite a surprise, especially since the majority of all the polls were showing that Hillary would win the election.  Whether it was Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the president-elect would make history.  First reality TV show star as president or first female president.  It will be interesting to see how Donald Trump's presidency will play out.  For the sake of our nation, I hope he succeeds as the next president.  Let's see how his presidency will affect our economy, the stock markets, and foreign relations.

Now onto talking about my progress towards financial freedom!

I post an update every month on the taxable dividend income I receive in my brokerage accounts, the non-taxable dividends I receive from my Roth IRA accounts, the market value of my taxable brokerage accounts, the market value of my Roth IRA accounts, the market value of my 401(k) account, and my savings rate.

Below is the monthly report as of October 31, 2016:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bought On Loyal3: DPS, K, KO, MCD, PEP, TGT, UL, VFC, WMT

It sucks when there are buying opportunities in the stock market and you don't have the capital to invest in everything you want.  If I had more cash on hand to invest with, I'd be buying up stocks left and right the way the stock market has been recently.  Unfortunately, since I don't have enough capital on hand to invest in everything I want, I have to invest in smaller amounts across different companies.  And that's one of the reasons why I love Loyal3.  It allows me to invest in companies with as little as $10.  Given that I don't have enough capital to invest in different stocks that I want without the commission taking a decent hit, I've decided to invest in stocks offered on Loyal3.