Friday, March 31, 2017

Monthly Report: February 2017

I post an update every month on the taxable dividend income I receive in my brokerage accounts, the non-taxable dividends I receive from my Roth IRA accounts, the market value of my taxable brokerage accounts, the market value of my Roth IRA accounts, the market value of my 401(k) account, and my savings rate.

Below is the monthly report as of February 28, 2017:

Friday, March 10, 2017

Bought: APD, D, OHI

The stock market continues to be very interesting these past couple of months.  Some days, it's up a lot; other days, it's down a lot.  My plan is to continue investing every month, although there are times where I struggle whether to hoard up cash until there's a huge pullback so I can buy good quality stocks at huge discounts.  But the opportunity cost could be that the stock market does not have a huge dip anytime soon, and my money would just be sitting there earning pretty much nothing and getting eaten away by inflation.

Thankfully, I found a few companies in the month of February that I decided to purchase:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sold On Loyal3: WMT

I am in the process of selling off my positions in Loyal3 since I'm not completely comfortable with their beneficiary designation process.  Loyal3 doesn't have any beneficiary forms to fill out so you would have to have your executor contact them to make arrangements.  This is something I'm not 100% comfortable with, especially since I don't want my children to have to deal with administrative headaches when it's my time to leave this earth.  I'm probably way too young to even be considering these things, but I just want to get all my ducks in order so that everything is all set in place for my children in case something were to happen to me or my wife (God forbid).  Estate planning is something I'll need to familiarize myself more with as I get older to ensure that my children get as much as possible without any complications.