Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I recently decided to consolidate all my brokerage accounts into one to simplify.  As a result, I am planning on closing out all my positions in Loyal3 over time at a gain.  If any stocks in Loyal3 have an unrealized loss on the books, I will not sell them until they are at a gain.  I still believe that Loyal3 is a great way for beginners to invest since there are no commissions and you can invest with as little as $10.  I also like that you can purchase partial shares based on the capital you invest with.  However, I want to eventually exit out of Loyal3 since I want to consolidate all my accounts and also for beneficiary reasons.  Loyal3 doesn't have a beneficiary form for you to fill out so you would need to have your estate executor coordinate with the people at Loyal3.  There were a few days where I tried calling the phone number, but it wouldn't let me leave a voicemail and I had to contact them via email.  This makes me uneasy, especially from an estate planning perspective.  Thus, I have made the decision to eventually exit out of Loyal3 once all my stocks are at a gain.

Below are the recent stocks sold on my Loyal3 account:
  • I sold 0.1892 shares of AXP at $76.75 per share for a gain of 45.20%.
  • I sold 0.3697 shares of DPS at $89.90 per share for a gain of 10.80%.
  • I sold 0.9396 shares of DNKN at $50.65 per share for a gain of 18.98%.
  • I sold 0.1815 shares of HAS at $82.29 per share for a gain of 49.40%.
  • I sold 1.0604 shares of K at $72.14 per share for a gain of 9.29%.
  • I sold 0.1494 shares of KHC at $86.71 per share for a gain of 30.30%.
  • I sold 1.5783 shares of MAT at $29.39 per share for a gain of 15.98%.
  • I sold 0.2825 shares of MCD at $121.04 per share for a gain of 13.93%.
  • I sold 1.2157 shares of PEP at $101.81 per share for a gain of 3.14%.
  • I sold 6.5158 shares of TGT at $71.28 per share for a gain of 3.21%.
  • I sold 1.2201 shares of UL at $42.47 per share for a gain of 3.64%.
  • I sold 0.2815 shares of YUM and YUMC at $64.44 per share and $25.99 per share, respectively, for a total gain of 27.15%.
Looking back, I'm sure if I had waited, I could have gotten bigger gains on certain stocks had I waited a little longer such as K, KHC, and PEP.  But for me, I wanted to exit out of as many positions with gains as quickly as possible so I can begin consolidating and simplifying my brokerage accounts.

Currently, there are only three companies left in my Loyal3 acccount: KO, VFC, and WMT.  I feel confident that these stock prices will go back up at which point I will sell them at a gain.  The only question is how long until these stocks bounce back, especially VFC and WMT since they've been pretty beaten down recently.

Do you have more than one brokerage account open?  If so, what's the reason for having multiple brokerage accounts?


  1. When I first saw the title I thought you were "cashing out" of the market as some of our fellow investors have done over the last several months for fear of a crash happening. Consolidating is a good thing if it makes life simpler. I agree with the move. Where are you moving your account to? Also, there are ways of transferring stock between brokers so you wouldn't have to sell out of positions.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Haha... I can certainly see how the title makes it appear like I am cashing out of the market. But for me, I don't see myself as ever cashing out of the market unless I needed the cash for an emergency (God forbid). I am moving my account to Merrill Edge. You are correct; there are ways of transferring stock between brokers so I wouldn't have to sell out of positions. However, because a lot of my positions in Loyal3 are small and most brokerages do not accept transfers of partial shares, they would have ended up being liquidated anyways.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Makes sense to consolidate your holdings how much does Merrill edge charge per trade?

    1. Hi Dividendsandhobbies,

      I figure if I consolidate my holdings it would simplify things and also keep everything in one place. Merrill Edge charges $6.95 per trade, but if you are a preferred rewards member, you get a certain number of free trades per month, depending on your financial situation.

      Thanks for stopping by and commmenting.