1. I like your dividend calendar, and the comparison with prior years. I keep something similar on my site and love the visualization of the income I am earning.

    One recommendation would be putting the current year as your first tab, that way it is the first thing we see when loading the page. Historic figures can be shown in subsequent tabs.

    1. Thanks for the advice writing2reality! I think that's a great idea; I'll make that change. I'll check out your site as well.

  2. Wow I really like how detailed the dividends are. Great job on this spreadsheet! I also had a loyal account that switched to a foliofirst account that I just closed. I figured $5 a month isn't worth it and I didn't like the platform as much so I moved over to stockpile.

    I just started my own blog about dividend growth investing and my path to financial freedom.

    If you have a second check it out and let me know what you think!