Friday, December 25, 2015

Monthly Report: November 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!  The Christmas season is a time of cheer and giving.  My son slowly ripped open his present that we bought him, and he loved it!  He was completely mesmerized by the toy.  It's incredible the impact that one child's joy can have on a parent.  As tiring as parenting can be, it's totally worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I didn't get my monthly statement for Loyal3 until very recently, which is why there was a delay in me posting my monthly report for November.  Without further ado, below is the monthly report as of November 30, 2015:

Taxable Dividend Income (Total: $34.94)
  • Hasbro Inc. (HAS) - $0.08
  • Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) - $19.37 (Increased 21.44% from November of last year)
  • The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) - $0.09
  • The Procter & Gamble Company (PG) - $10.11
  • Realty Income Corporation (O) - $5.23 (Increased 8.96% from November of last year)
  • Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) - $0.06
    • Total taxable dividend income of $34.94 increased by 68.39% from November of last year.
New stocks purchased this year are HAS, KHC, PG, and YUM.  All other dividend increases are from dividends reinvested and dividend raises from the companies.  I'm very happy with the total year over year dividend increase.  Of course, KMI has cut its dividend so that will affect the total dividends in the future.  I know that some investors have sold some if not all their positions in KMI.  However, I plan on holding onto the shares despite the dividend cut as I plan on being a shareholder over the long haul.  Even though there is a dividend cut, I will continue to accumulate shares via dividend reinvestment, therefore accumulating shares at these depressed prices.

You can see a schedule of all the taxable dividends I have received here.

Non-Taxable Dividends (Total: $94.37)
  • Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Fund (VBLTX) - $94.37 (Increased 2.36% from November of last year)
    • Total non-taxable dividend income of $94.37 increased by 2.36% from November of last year.
The increase in distributions for this month compared to last November is below average.

You can see a schedule of all the non-taxable dividends I have received here.

Market Values (Total: $300,504.71)
  • Brokerage Accounts - $78,957.41 (Increased 0.52% from prior month)
  • Roth IRA - $53,781.94 (Decreased 0.46% from prior month)
  • 401(k) - $167,765.36 (Increased 1.41% from prior month)
    • Total market value increased by 0.84% from prior month.
I'm not too concerned with the market value of my taxable brokerage accounts since the investment strategy with that is solely to generate a growing stream of dividend income.  As long as the dividends keep coming and are increasing, I'm not too worried.  Nevertheless, it's still interesting to see how it is performing.

You can see a schedule of the market values for my brokerage accounts, Roth IRA account, and 401(k) account as of the end of every month here.

Savings Rate
  • 51.13%
Savings rate was excellent for this month!  50% or more in savings rate is definitely a big achievement for me.  If I can continue this kind of savings rate, I should be able to pay off my mortgage sooner than anticipated.

You can see a schedule of my savings rate by month here.

How did you do this month?


  1. Great increase year over year in your dividends, at least in your taxable account. Keep sticking with the high quality names and go for dividend growers that might have lower but safer yield. Curious to know if you plan to keep your KMI. I know many dividend investors have sold their holdings. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi DivHut,

      I also know many who have sold their holdings, but I plan on keeping KMI. I'm going to stick around for the long haul.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.