Sunday, June 19, 2016

Monthly Report: May 2016

I post an update every month on the taxable dividend income I receive in my brokerage accounts, the non-taxable dividends I receive from my Roth IRA accounts, the market value of my taxable brokerage accounts, the market value of my Roth IRA accounts, the market value of my 401(k) account, and my savings rate.

Below is the monthly report as of May 31, 2016:

Taxable Dividend Income (Total: $21.13)
  • American Express Company (AXP) - $0.05
  • Hasbro Inc. (HAS) - $0.09 (Increased 12.5% from May of last year)
  • Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) - $4.89 (Decreased 72.50% from May of last year)
  • The Procter & Gamble Company (PG) - $10.39 (Increased 4.53% from May of last year)
  • Realty Income Corporation (O) - $5.58 (Increased 9.84% from May of last year)
  • Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) - $0.13 (Increased 116.67% from May of last year)
    • Total taxable dividend income of $21.13 decreased 35.85% from May of last year.
New stocks purchased this year is AXP.  Existing positions I added fresh capital to this year is YUM.  All other dividend increases are from dividends reinvested and dividend raises from the companies.  Total taxable dividends are down significantly compared to last month because of KMI's dividend cut.  This has been a setback to my dividend compounding machine, but I'm hopeful that this company will bear fruits from a long-term perspective which is why I have decided to not sell, contrary to many other dividend investors.  I guess only time will tell how this decision will pan out for me many years down the road when it's time for me to retire.

You can see a schedule of all the taxable dividends I have received here.

Non-Taxable Dividends (Total: $105.08)
  • Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) - $7.56
  • Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Fund (VBLTX) - $97.52 (Increased 0.96% from May of last year)
    • Total non-taxable dividend income of $105.08 increased 8.79% from May of last year.
The increase in distributions for this month compared to last May is decent, although the main reason for the increase is due to the purchase of KMI in December 2015.  The year over year increase for VBLTX has been pretty poor - not even 1%.  I've been debating back and forth about whether to sell VBLTX, but I think I'll hold onto it to hedge my bets and also since it provides a nice monthly dividend with a yield above 4%.

You can see a schedule of all the non-taxable dividends I have received here.

Market Values (Total: $323,633.76)
  • Brokerage Accounts - $83,223.94 (Increased 0.98% from prior month)
  • Roth IRA - $60,755.75 (Increased 1.08% from prior month)
  • 401(k) - $179,654.07 (Increased 2.28% from prior month)
    • Total market value increased 1.72% from prior month.
I'm not too concerned with the market value of my taxable brokerage accounts since the investment strategy with that is solely to generate a growing stream of dividend income.  As long as the dividends keep coming and are increasing, I'm not too worried.  Nevertheless, it's still interesting to see how it is performing.

You can see a schedule of the market values for my brokerage accounts, Roth IRA account, and 401(k) account as of the end of every month here.

Savings Rate
  • 20.16%
This is the lowest savings rate year to date, but it's still ok since it's just above my savings rate target of 20% for this year.

You can see a schedule of my savings rate by month here.

How did you do this month?

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